Lecture capture bookings and status

The Capture Booking form is down for maintenance, please send any recording requests to video@flinders.edu.au.

Please include:

  • Topic Code
  • Topic Title
  • Location / Theatre
  • Date(s)
  • Start time / end time

  • Please enter your FAN to login to allocate the recording status of your topics.

    All topics will have the status of "Not scheduled to be recorded" initially. Please click on the green "record" button if you would like your lecture recorded. If you wish to be specific with individual lectures within a topic click on the blue button "View All Sessions" and click "record" on only the specific sessions you require.

    To assign authorised access to alternate staff click on "User Admin" and enter the FAN of the staff member requiring access and select the topic from the list that you want to allocate administrative access.

    Please note as of Semester 1 2010, Digital Media Services no longer provide DVD copies of lectures to the Library as a standard option for lecture recordings. DVDs will only be available on a case by case basis where streaming is not a valid option, eg student with special requirements or remote student access. The cost of producing DVDs will be $7.00 per disk which includes case and printed labels. We are not limiting the availability of recorded lecture material as all recordings will be available online but now offer a more efficient and cost effective solution that is more sustainable.

    If you are adding a new topic or event, When completing the form, please ensure the following:
    • Include any related/cross linked topic codes for students enrolled in the other topics.
    • If a relay is required for the lecture, please note this by adding the details to the decription field with details of both the location of the lecture and where it needs to be relayed.
    • Please ensure that you make suitable room bookings for the lectures or relay request to another location, should a larger room capacity be required.
    • Inform the Course Designer/Topic Co-ordinator that they must create a link in FLO (streamingproxy_2) so that the students can access the lecture recordings.

    Please also note the following:

    • Any requests submitted after the deadline may incur a $52 fee per lecture.
    • A $25 cancellation fee will apply where a request to record a lecture has been previously booked but is cancelled without providing 24 hours notice by contacting video@flinders.edu.au
    • All schools will be charged $20 per semester for administration costs when DVDs are requested.

    If we have any scheduling conflicts or resource issues we will contact you to discuss possible solutions. Please contact Digital Media services regarding any administrative queries on extension # 12345, option 1 or contact video@flinders.edu.au